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Richard Meier – The Architect as Designer and Artist

This important contribution to the canon of books on the acclaimed modernist architect Richard Meier showcases Meier’s seldom considered and rarely seen work in sculpture, collage, furniture, and personal accessories. It is the catalogue accompanying the exhibition “Richard Meier: The Architect as Designer and Artist” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (on view September 19, 2003-April 2004). The exhibition originated at the Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt, Germany.

Richard Meier is a designer who values the concepts of classical modernism, the Viennese school, De Stijl, Russian Constructivism, and Bauhaus modernism. Meier not only delights in the character and beauty of these movements, but also creatively adapts them to his own ideas. Nowhere is this more in evidence than in the rich assembly of his artistic production and design work seen here.

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