Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Canary Wharf Competition

London, England


Submitted to a limited competition, this 13-story office-cum-trading block was projected  for a site just south of the principal  east-west axis of the Canary Wharf. On the south, each floor opens onto a glazed conservatory space, rising for the full height of the building and overlooking the pocket park above the Jubilee Line underground station. the conservatory is contained by an inclined membrane curving in two directions as it spans from east west and rises to culminate in a skylight over the atrium. Each level is separated from this void by a continuous curtain wall. In effect, the building is double-glazed on its southern face.

On the east and west elevations, the building is treated as a curtain-walled structure, while the north elevation has an opaque skin of enameled panels with pierced horizontal  windows. the entry level permits direct pedestrian access from the north, the west, and the south while service access and access to the subterranean parking is limited to the eastern face of the structure. Openings in the ground floor and elevator lobby level overlook the concourse level below. This level, mid-way between the underground station and the street level, provides ample retail space on the north and south sides of the concourse.

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