Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Canon Headquarters

Tokyo, Japan

1998 - 2002

The design of the Canon World Headquarters Building is an exciting and efficient resolution of the formal and organizational requirements of program and site, resulting in a structure that symbolizes Canon’s global strength and stability. This building was designed as a symbol of the company’s strength and leadership into the new millennium.

Seeking clarity, simplicity, and presence, the building has a clear and ordered spatial layout combined with a strong and expressive fa├žade. It reflects a concern for human scale as well as civic grandeur in a building that is sensitive to its context and environment.

Dramatic light filled atria promote group interaction and activate a unique and dynamic office atmosphere for Canon employees and visitors. The desired working environment was carefully analyzed and designed to insure maximum user flexibility and convenience with open space planning, a highly efficient core, clear separations where required and ease of movement throughout the building.

The design presents a modern office building tailored to the 21st Century and Canon’s needs, that is in harmony with, and respectful of, its history and context.

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