Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Xin-Yi Residential Tower

Taipei, Taiwan

2012 - 2018

Taipei is considered as one of the cultural and economic centers in Asia with a unique vision towards a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle that is at the forefront of the 21st century. As a city rooted in tradition, as well as one of the global hubs in technological innovation, Taipei encapsulates the history of Taiwan and contemporary living.

Commissioned as an urban landmark by Continental Development Corporation, the Xin-Yi Residential Tower rises 127 meters into the sky and will set a new precedent in Taiwan as a private building that dedicates its entire landscape to the public realm. Oriented along a distinct east-west axis on Xin-Yi Road, the building respects the characteristics of the site through its organizing grid and scale in dialogue with the urban context. The ground plane is a continuation of the urban fabric that becomes an open landscape where the base of the tower is immersed in a field of trees and sculptures by international artists. Therefore, one of the most prominent elements of the project is its civic value as a building that offers a generous public space amidst the heart of the city.

The design of the tower is founded upon principles of geometric clarity and openness that are reflected in its horizontal and vertical organization. The building consists of two complimentary volumes, a transparent south volume and a solid north volume. The relationship between these two main elements is emphasized through a subtle shift in both plan and elevation that creates a dynamism and variation in scale that responds to the immediate urban environment. Fundamentally, the solid north volume contains the services and core of the residential units that flow towards the transparent south volume which is a natural light-filled space where living, social and the more public programs are located. A carefully crafted geometric organization allows viewing corridors towards the mountains in the far distance.

The massing and proportions of the building are in harmony with the existing context, creating an articulated lower and upper tower volume. The lower part of the building will have two apartments per floor and the upper portion is designed as one large apartment unit per floor, creating an expansive free open plan. Luxury amenities, including an exterior swimming pool and roof deck, are located on the top floors of the tower with views towards Taipei 101.

The CDC Xin-Yi Residential Tower has a strong architectural form with connections to the sky through its south fa├žade and the floor-to-ceiling clear glazing, and it responds to the land with its heavier solid massing which accommodate the more private spaces. These elements are combined to generate a balance of heaviness and lightness that enhance the contemporary qualities of urban living under the tropical sun of Taiwan. The project aims to contribute to the continuing growth of the Xin-Yi district as well as the city of Taipei as a modern and vibrant urban center in Asia.