Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Compaq Computer Center Master Plan

Houston, Texas


The site consists of 744 acres located adjacent to Compaq’s current headquarters campus outside of Houston. The new East Campus would serve as the entry point for the entire campus and create an appropriate image for the company’s leadership role in the industry.

Together, the two campuses could be occupied by up to 25,000 people at any one time with parking for the same number of cars.

Development on the site was concentrated so as to minimize disturbance to the woods and lake while taking maximum advantage of the inherent beauty of the site for its occupants.

Internal transportation between the two campuses was to be kept to less than 15 minutes by foot. Several options were considered to achieve this including the use of electric carts and shuttle buses.

The Administration Building shown here rises well above the treetop height of the buildings on the West Campus and was designed to create a strong physical image for Compaq when viewed from afar. Its transparent, glass fa├žade provides sweeping views of the site and allows for an efficient open-plan interior.

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