Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Draycott Park


2000 - 2001

A proposed 24-story housing complex comprised of 300,000SF was designed to be located in a park-like setting surrounded by a dense suburban area of Singapore. The site is distinguished by an early 20th century plantation house that will be renovated as common facilities and becomes the focal element for new high-rise housing. Protection of the plantation, as well as the site’s large trees, required that the massing of housing units be towered on two curved sides of the site. The continuous exterior banding of the towers incorporates solar protection while maintaining the extensive views.

The airfoil form is designed to take advantage of airflow around the tower to establish positive and negative pressures in support of natural ventilation options for occupants. Below-grade parking is provided to allow water features, landscaped areas, and other amenities on the site’s ground level.

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