Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Feldmühleplatz Office Building

Düsseldorf, Germany

2002 - 2004

Two new additions to the existing Feldmühle office building create a contemporary office environment for a major international law firm. The resulting Feldmühleplatz Office Building encompasses 46,000 square meters of high-end offices and associated facilities. The design responds to the client’s requirements for a building that makes a statement while integrating a large office complex within its residential and park-like context. The pastoral views from virtually every window, the careful selection of materials, and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technological systems make this building an office for the twenty-first century.

Located in Oberkassel, an upscale residential neighborhood in the city of Düsseldorf, this prime location affords views across the Rhine River and downtown Düsseldorf. The surrounding area developed its particular urban context toward the end of the nineteenth century and it maintains its original character to this day. The predominantly flat site is bordered to the north by an office building and a public park, to the south by the gardens of residential buildings on the Luegallee, to the east by the Feldmühleplatz, and to the west by two streets lined with four-story residential buildings. Special effort was made to maintain the existing trees on the site.

The two new five-story additions are linked to the existing six-story Feldmühle building, which has been completely renovated. A new conference zone was added to the roof as a penthouse floor with spectacular views. This penthouse conference center also acts as a visual link between the new buildings.

The basement houses two parking areas that accommodate 525 automobiles as well as archive facilities, storage areas, mechanical rooms, and a gym. The ground floors contain waiting areas, service rooms, a library, and a cafeteria, while upper floors house the offices and conferences rooms organized in an efficient double-loaded corridor structure with cellular offices.

The building incorporates technological innovations including high-performance, low iron, clear glass windows with mechanized shades that may be independently operated by individual users. To enhance privacy, the office partitions have a very high STB rating, augmented by special soundproofing mufflers in the mechanical systems. The mechanical systems are a combination of natural ventilation through operable windows, centralized mechanical ventilation, and air conditioning with individual controls in the offices and conference spaces.

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