Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Fire Island House

Fire Island, New York


Located on a private bay-side site along the beach in Fair Harbor on Fire Island, this 2,000 sq. ft. residence opens up to the surrounding landscape and the ocean. The views of the site are framed between the raised platform of the main level and the horizontal roof overhang, creating a direct connection between the interior and the nature surrounding the house. The main house extends across the site connecting to a garden, a swimming pool and accessory pool pavilions.

Upon accessing the main entrance stair on Elm Walk, the house opens up to views of the bay with double-height curtain walls on three sides. A planar roof overhangs above two staggered volumes; one containing a double height living room, the other accommodating a media room and kitchen on the ground floor and the master suite on the second floor. A shift between these two volumes maximizes natural daylight and views of the bay. In the center, the volumes interlock to provide a service core with powder and laundry rooms on the ground floor and a sky-lit master bathroom on the upper level. A floating stairway connects the ground floor to the second floor corridor, which overlooks the living room below.

The windows, curtain wall and skylights are composed of transparent, high-performance solar glazing with white aluminum mullions and transoms. The interplay of light and shadow across the terraces, double height spaces, curtain walls and skylights fills the residence with an airy, yet intimate atmosphere. The material palette of the project is minimal and understated, with an emphasis on lightness and transparency; glass, wood and white finishes reflect the natural colors and beauty of the surrounding bay.

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