Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Flying Point Residence

Southampton, New York

2006 - 2016

Located on a narrow site, this private residence is situated between the Atlantic Ocean to the South and the Mecox Bay to the North. The building components and the interior spaces are organized to take advantage of the views to the water and to the central pool. The main circulation interconnects each volume, and ultimately connects everything to the bay and the ocean.

The overall organization of the plan is based on a programmatic separation of public and private areas. The public and social spaces open up parallel to the central pool and to the views of the bodies of water surrounding the house. The integrity of the private zones, located along the east side of the property, is maintained and only partially eroded through secondary circulation and smaller punched windows to the exterior.

The progression through the site begins with a set of steps that lead up to the Pool House. Ascending these stairs reveals dramatic views of the bay. The Pool House is composed of a large recreation room that opens to the pool deck to the south and to these expansive views of the bay to the North. A bathroom and sitting room occupy the solid form to the East. The pool and sun deck float over the sand elevated on piers.

Continuing South on the main circulation walkway, a bridge connects to the Main House entry level. Passing through a glass vestibule, the circulation to the second floor is through a vertically contained grand stair that is animated with natural light by a continuous vertical louvered slot and skylight above. Arriving at the first level, it contains two bedrooms, the kitchen, dining area and the double height living room opened to the second floor and to the views of the ocean and bay.

The upper level houses another bedroom, the master bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. Also, a small loft and study with a fireplace is perched above the dining area with views to the main living room below, the ocean, the pool and Bay. All areas open up to exterior decks with a system of folding and sliding doors that bring light and breeze from the ocean, blurring the divisions between the architecture and the nature around the site.

The exterior is clad in white plaster and aluminum curtain-wall system. Various horizontal and vertical louvers provide shade and a play of shadows cast on the fa├žade throughout the day. Continuing on the main circulation, an open air stair ascends to the ocean-side louvered deck with sweeping views of the water. An elevated walkway carries you over the sand dunes and down to the beach.

The Flying Point Residence is defined by its openness and transparency, but most importantly by all the natural light that is present in all the spaces of the house. The house is open toward both ocean and bay, and with its view of the endless Atlantic Ocean, the house, sky, and nature become elements in a rich and dynamic spatial composition.