Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Friesen House

Los Angeles, California

1998 - 2000

Located on an extensively landscaped hillside property in Los Angeles, this existing 1950s era, single-story house had undergone multiple additions and renovations over the past years. This renovation and second story addition acknowledges the horizontal and classic modern line of the existing structure, but also adds hierarchy to the massing and redefines the spatial and structural order of the house. The new second-story is built on a platform that straddles the existing house and is supported by three new parallel walls that define interior space and extend into the garden. These new walls draw from existing garden walls for their color and texture, thereby restating the visual and physical relationship between house and garden.

The new second level, which includes a master suite, studio, and library, integrates a large cylindrical volume to develop a hierarchy in the plan and massing. This volume re-centers the house and formally orders vertical and horizontal circulation at the ground and second levels. The garden fa├žade is scaled with a new brise-soleil and trellises, which reappear on the renovated pool house.

Exterior finishes are a combination of smooth white stucco to match the existing house and painted horizontal aluminum plate cladding for the new curvilinear elements and sunscreens.

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