Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Lilium Tower Competition

Warsaw, Poland


Conceived with the goal of embedding a sense of civic grandeur as well as enriching the urban fabric of this area of Warsaw, the designer for the 121-story Lilium Tower integrates large-scale redevelopment of three sites with concern for the human experience. The reimagining of the Central Station and the school area as well as the existing Marriott site responds to and enriches the quality of life at the pedestrian scale by shifting circulation from below grade to street level, creating new green plaza space for a community experience and erecting two significant civic landmarks in the new railway station and mixed-use tower. The design proposes a combination of hotel apartments and fully residential condominiums as well as two restaurants, conference rooms, and a swimming-pool and health club.

A public plaza connects the tower to a public park adjacent to the school area. The plan calls for the demolition of the existing structure and construction of an expanded building accommodating more students and an integrated library, gymnasium, and an assortment of labs and studios. Also demolished within this plan would be the existing Central Train Station, to be replaced by a 9,200-square-meter world-class train station and a nine-story hotel.

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