Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Mutated Panels

Milan Art Fair

Milan, Italy

2010 - 2011

Natural light is the most fundamental element central to Richard Meier’s work. It is manipulated to shape space, lend spirit, and indicate the passage of time and the presence of the sky – all elements essential to a rich architectural experience.

Our expression of mutation is the way natural light evokes both planar and volumetric readings of form. The design of the Mutated Panels consists of a series of walls whose geometries gradually distort in one dimension: their material – concrete – is itself an expression of this plasticity. Placed at the east side of the main courtyard perpendicular to the building’s central cross-axis, the approach from the main entrance highlights the Mutated Panels’ enigmatic qualities. As the observer moves around the installation, the piece emulates the different planar, volumetric, temporal and spatial qualities. First as an inert white concrete square; second as a volume formed by the square and a translucent concrete wall; third as a sequence of distorted panel edges that process behind the square; and last as a linear space within, animated by the twisted panels’ interaction with sunlight to one side, and the delicacy of the translucent wall to the other.

The Mutated Panels become part of our continuous exploration of solid and void, transparency and opaqueness, light and texture, the rational and the intuitive, and the ephemeral with the physical world.

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