Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Pankrac City Master Plan

Prague, Czech Republic


Pankrac City is a multi-functional real estate development project for the capital city of the Czech Republic that incorporates the design of the Master Plan and the requirements of modern business, retail and entertainment.  The resulting framework for the pedestrian and vehicle circulation minimizes supply and transportation loads on the public infrastructure.  It maximizes opportunities inherent in the size, location and characteristics of the land and the existing buildings, while accommodating the anticipated program.  The plan provides public spaces and completes the urban fabric of the site within the parameters of urban context, investment concerns, development potential and function.

The Pankrac City development’s unequaled elevated site on the Pankrac Plain is visible from all approaches.  The Master Plan for the development encompasses the refurbishment of an unfinished high-rise office building, a second new office building, a shopping center, entertainment facilities and parking facilities.  Two additional mixed-use high-rise buildings are planned.  The result is an iconic image, a representation of a vital and modern part of the city with proposed buildings intended to benefit the skyline of Prague.

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