Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Parkview Office Building

Prague, Czech Republic

2016 - 2020

Parkview is an office building located in Pankrac on a site that is part of an overall Master Plan designed by Richard Meier & Partners. Inspired by the design of the previously completed RM&P buildings around the site, Parkview harmonizes with the existing context and its immediate neighbors while creating an urban enclave at the northwest corner of the Pankrác super-block. Parkview maximizes building efficiencies, providing premium office space at the heart of the new business district of Prague and setting new design and sustainability standards in the Czech Republic.

The Parkview project defines and completes a shared public space with the adjacent City Tower, City Point and City Green Court. The building is 9 stories tall sitting at the center of the block along Pujmanové Street surrounded by large green areas and a very transparent ground level, where the majority of the first floor is open to the public. Parkview’s U-shaped configuration with flexible office floor plates surrounds a multi-storied light filled central atrium opened to the north as an extension of the new open public plaza. The central atrium with its transparent façade and main entrance at the north is a grand urban gesture and distinguishing feature of the building.

The atrium is also connected at ground level from west to east with secondary entrances on axis with the Arkady pedestrian corridor and Pankrác Central Park reinforcing the physical and visual connection into and across the building. The atrium is designed as a green, landscaped space with gardens and vertical circulation elements that merge the interior and the exterior of the building, to create an important urban public square. At ground level, the atrium stairs will promote tenant interaction, encourage the use of vertical circulation without elevators and activity between office spaces. The lobby and common areas are surrounded by retail spaces open to all directions.

The facades are punctuated at the east, west and south by a series of perforated aluminum screens to control heat gain and to provide shading to the offices inside while allowing for generous views to the outside. Two large cut-outs have been carved out of the shape of the building to articulate the entrances, the building transparency and connectivity between Arkady and Central Park. Pedestrians approaching the building from the metro station or the park will perceive and recognize the architectural gesture towards this important corridor. A restaurant and cantina with an open deck facing the expansive green area to the south completes the amenities offered to the public at ground level.  The ninth floor penthouse has a smaller footprint than the typical floors with private terraces with views towards the east and south and reducing the mass of the building at the top. The rooftop will be complemented by extensive green areas and a large observation deck with impressive views of the city and mountains beyond.