Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Saint-Denis Office Building

Saint-Denis, France

2003 - 2009

This pair of new office buildings is located in Saint-Denis in Paris, along one side of the Place des Droits des l’Homme, a public plaza that connects the railway station with the main avenue leading to the Stade de France. The project covers 350,000 square feet comprising offices, workshops, restaurants, and retail spaces. The two main buildings consist of seven floors above ground with two below-ground basement parking levels. A six-story atrium joins the two buildings and provides an elegant covered entrance facing the plaza.

The form of the entire project responds to the immediate context, site boundaries, zoning, and program requirements. The massing of both buildings is articulated at the ground and seventh-floor levels with setbacks to the facades. At street level this provides an arcade to welcome the public, particularly from the plaza side.

The relationship of the buildings to the Place des Droits des l’Homme dictated their orientation. As viewed from the plaza, each building maintains its own identity while sharing a common architectural language. In this way the buildings appear as twins, joined by a transparent atrium, sharing similarities without being identical.