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SoMA Newark Master Plan

Newark, New Jersey


The SoMa Newark Master Plan offers a comprehensive vision for the growth and transformation of Newark’s downtown district South of Market Street (SoMa). The proposal’s focus is trained on the revitalization of the area, maintaining a respectful approach to the city’s historical context while building a longstanding foundation for future housing, economic and cultural development.

The predominantly residential enclave created by the SoMa Newark Master Plan will also comprise office and retail space interspersed with spaces dedicated to charter schools and arts facilities. The resulting variety of function, scale, and density will infuse the area with a vibrant presence designed to address the community’s current needs and future potential and aspiring to stand as a model for city planning and urban development nationwide.

The master plan is comprised of four main areas: at the heart of the development a low and mid-rise group of buildings defines the streetscape around a central public space, establishing the spirit behind the entire project with its emphasis on human scale and a variety of venues for social interaction. Also proposed are a row of mid-size towers along Washington and Broad Streets in proportion to the wider vehicular and pedestrian street, a group of tall towers fronting Market Street, one of the city’s busiest commercial corridors, creating the future skyline of Newark, and a “Lincoln Park” component to the west, which is characterized by a variety of urban scales on its street front.

With the clusters of tall towers framing the core component and a series of courtyard spaces created to provide critical public green areas, the scope of the master plan is intended to activate not only the area it occupies but surrounding blocks as well, functioning as the first stage in a process of renewal for downtown Newark.


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