Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Taichung Condominium Tower

Taichung, Taiwan

2012 -

The Taichung Condominium Tower site is located in the center of Taichung City in close vicinity to key civic buildings including the new Taichung City Hall, the Opera House, and the Convention Center. It is surrounded by a mixture of high and low-rise commercial and residential buildings and large public parks. Prominently positioned to have a vantage point of the new city center of Taichung, the site is bounded by the Shizheng Road promenade to the north and Wenxin 1st Road to the south.

The Taichung Condominium Tower is designed to be a striking addition to the city’s skyline. It will represent an iconic image for Taiwan’s future. Distinct and visible from long distances by day and night, it is a synthesis of innovative and elegant architecture, providing exclusive and unique homes with both generous views towards the city and intimate spaces for urban living.

The design comprises two distinct towers; a North Tower and a South Tower connected by a common core that employs panoramic scenic elevators to afford views of the cityscape as one ascends the building. The North Tower, with a height of about 164m, addresses the larger city scale to the north; the slightly shorter South Tower gestures towards the surrounding developments; the three-story podium, which comprises the amenity spaces for residents, anchors the building to the site and nods to the low-rise residential fabric to the south. The solidity of the base establishes the relationship of the building to the ground and opens up to large public gardens and plazas.

The Yang Ma Tower is 41-story tall, typically with 4 residential units per floor, for a total of 147 units. Each unit size varies slightly in regards to its location and relationship with the architecture, and provides different layouts and balcony conditions.  The three lower floors host the amenities for the residents, including a pool and commercial spaces at the ground level. The tower will set a new standard for residential living in Taichung, and become a landmark building in the skyline of the city.