Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

The Summer Houses

Jesolo, Italy

2017 -

The Jesolo Lido Design district is an ongoing collaboration between Richard Meier & Partners and RIV Group that started in 2003. The site is cohesively designed and consists of three phases: The Pool Houses, The Beach Houses, and The Summer Houses. The Jesolo Lido Design District has been master planned holistically in order to foster a sense of continuity in a private development.

The first phase, The Pool Houses, were completed in 2007 and set the architectural precedent for the Jesolo Lido Design District. The Beach Houses, the second phase completed in 2012, are an eleven-story property that sits on the beach front and makes the most of their seaside position.  The Summer Houses, the newest phase, is represented by a ten-story and a seven-story glass-enclosed condominiums located adjacent to the previous phases. The buildings are sited on seventy meters of beachfront with unobstructed views of the Adriatic Sea. Floor-to-ceiling glazing and generous terraces enhance the natural beauty of the context, the panoramic ocean views, and the light.

The design is divided into two buildings, The Tower and The Gallery. Located to the north, The Tower acts as a visual landmark when approached from the main road. Being positioned further inland, The Tower is able to ascend vertically to nine floors above ground plus a penthouse floor within a compact footprint. The ground floor of The Tower houses the amenities for The Summer Houses. Located along the pedestrian path are the most public spaces, including the entrance, lobby, reception, and salon. Also on the ground floor, there is the gym, oriented North, and the spa, with a lap-pool, sauna, and steam room, oriented south with a view of the sea.

The Gallery is positioned on the East boundary of the property and extends longitudinally on a north/south axis that allows the visual permeability of the property to the beach. The Gallery respects the height of the previous works by Richard Meier & Partners and others in the vicinity, settling at a height of six floors above ground plus a penthouse floor, all purely residential.  The two Condo buildings, with the future Hotel to the west, form a c-shaped scheme. This parti creates a vast inner green courtyard that faces the Jesolo Lido beach and takes advantage of the southern exposure and natural light. This park is characterized by a sequence of gardens, terraces, and pools that stretch out to the Adriatic Sea. All traffic and parking happens below ground to provide an uninterrupted pedestrian experience.

The design for the buildings utilize Richard Meier & Partners clear and iconic visual vocabulary — transparency, capacious volumes of space, a sensitivity to the movement of natural light throughout the day, and sumptuous yet elemental materials.