Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Tianjin Hotel

Tianjin, China

2008 - 2012

This 8-star luxury hotel on an island site within Tianjin Shining Star Group’s development known as “The World” will house 31 guest suites with state of the art spa facilities and a Fitness Center. Guest suites are located in two complementary volumes, an east wing and a west wing, which create a dynamic form that stretches across the island. A dramatic top-lit atrium soaring 18 meters high connects the two volumes. The interplay of light and shadow is experienced from every level.  A restaurant, private dining suite, bar, library and business center is included in the program, as well as a gallery overlooking the gardens and waterfront designated for special functions and a rooftop terrace.

Guest suites are generously sized and feature bathrooms with steam and sauna facilities and soaking tubs with views to the outdoors.  On the fifth floor of the east wing are two senior suites, each with two bedrooms, living and dining areas and a service kitchen.

Situated at the west end of the island, linked to the guest suites by a covered bridge, is a pristine structure that contains the Fitness Center.  In harmony with the hotel wings, the geometry of the fitness center is also composed of two volumes that are integrated together, the solid against the transparent, continuing the procession of spaces from east to west.  The spa contains treatment rooms and a lounge, with a 25 meter lap pool is covered by a skylight roof.