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Westchester House

Westchester House, New York

1984 - 1986

The rolling hillside site of this house affords a variety of views and a landscape interlaced with fieldstone walls. The house, garage, and pool are located just below the highest point and are organized around an east-west axis that bisects the house and runs out into site as a bounding wall. A perpendicular approach leads into the house from which spectacular views abound to the northwest and northeast through undulating glass walls.

Unlike the Smith (1965) and Douglas (1975) houses, to which it is otherwise related, this house does not face in any primary direction. Instead the parti consists of two more or less rectangular volumes that slide past each other in an east-west direction on either side of a top-lit stair hall that runs parallel to the same axis.

In contrast to the fully glazed living volume, the kitchen, study, and the intimate spaces on the upper levels are all enclosed in heavyweight masonry walls pierced by corner windows and relatively small openings. These walls relate in scale, color, and texture to the existing fieldstone works on the site.

Contrasting the three-story private wing, the curvilinear metal and glass enclosure of the public space flows up past a suspended mezzanine floor to culminate in a series of overlapping roof terraces that run along the northern face of the house.

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